IMRA (International Medical Relief Agency) is a U.K based charity providing medical relief world-wide. Our team consists of over 100 medical professionals whose primary aim is to educate and train those in the medical profession to better the healthcare of the most underprivileged countries in the world. To date we have assisted over 1000 patients, equating to approx. £4 million.

Humble beginnings

IMRA started in 2001 within a small premises in Manchester, consisting of friends and colleagues from within the ENT field. The charity’s first major role was to collect funds for those suffering due to the 2005 earthquake in Northern Pakistan. IMRA collected enough funds to build 2 weather-proof wards that could each assist 16 patients.

The best way I could help to improve the health care in Pakistan was to set up a Charity which then will work towards transfer of technology.
Dr.Haroon Khan – founder of IMRA

Our Mission & Vision

Share your medical know how and contribute to humanity

This vision is to be achieved by providing the following:

  • Send suitably qualified medical personnel to other countries
  • To provide education and healthcare to underprivileged populations of the world
  • Support the local health care system and training of local healthcare personnel
  • To provide primary and preventative medical care

IMRA Timeline

 September 2001

Inception of IMRA

December 2005

Imra's First Major Charity Project

IMRA provides weatherproof wards for the devastating earthquake in Pakistan.

March 2007

Donation of Medical Equipment

Medical equipment sent to Pakistan in preparation for middle ear surgery.

December 2011

First Fundraising Event

Held at the Sheridan Suite, Manchester. In aid of raising money for Cochlear Implants to be used in Pakistan.

December 2012

First Free Cochlear Implant in Pakistan

IMRA is the pioneer of Cochlear Implant surgery for a child in Dow University Hospital, Karachi.

June 2017

IMRA expands

IMRA expands its Free Cochlear Implant programme to Mayo Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan