IMRA crossing borders into Africa

IMRA donated surgical items to Al-Ihsan Hospital, Mogadishu, Somalia to be used on poor patients

ENT doctors approached IMRA UK from Somalia to operate on patients with complex Middle Ear problems.

Al-Ihsan Hospital based in Mogadishu, Somalia was the venue for IMRA's charity work from 4-6th May 2024.

Mr Noweed Ahmad who is Director of IMRA's Cochlear Implant and Middle Ear Surgery programme flew to Somalia and operated on 13 patients who had extensive ear disease and needed an expert ear surgeon like Mr Noweed Ahmad to operate on these poor patients.

These patients who needed this type of surgery would have developed serious complications had they not been operated upon soon.

Mr Noweed Ahmad also trained local ENT specialists and IMRA will continue to send teams to this hospital in the future.

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