IMRA Sending Medical Equipment to Pakistan

Dear Colleagues,

IMRA sent an Ultrasound Machine, Ultrasound Probes and Hearing Aids to Pakistan. Details below:

October 2023

Bright Hope Hospital, Faisalabad

Bright Hope Foundation is a non-government organization established on 22-02-2011. IMRA was approached by the Trustees of this hospital some of whom are based in the UK to improve their facilities for pregnant women.

We provided an Ultrasound machine costing £8500 ($10,000). This year we provided extra 2 upgraded Ultrasound probes - which allow for a better diagnosis - at a cost of £5250 ($6300).

May 2023

IMRA has been providing FREE hearing aids to deserving patients in Pakistan for the last 10 years. This year IMRA has again managed to provide 200 hearing aids costing approx. £10,000 (approx. $12,000). These will be fitted to patients who are unable to buy them from commercial suppliers.

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