IMRA spreading your blessings in Pakistan

Assalamalaykum and Ramadan Mubarak. Hope it's going well for you.

IMRA donated an Ultrasound machine to a charity hospital in Faisalabad.

Bright Hope Foundation Hospital is a charity hospital and had requested IMRA a few years ago to help them to purchase this machine so that they can give good quality service to the pregnant women who require regular ultrasounds.

The people of Faisalabad are very grateful to IMRA and its donors for this support.

Ultrasound machine ($10,000) donated this Ramadan - recipients making du'aa for all those involved in this project
Dr.Nukhbat (IMRA) along with Mr Riaz (Hospital) and Mr Abbas (Medical Equipment)
Close up picture of ultrasound machine (Toshiba machine with colour doppler)

IMRA donated 5000 PPE disposable plastic gowns to Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital worth approx. £6000.

These gowns will be used to examine patients as COVID is still present and will protect medical staff.

This equipment was donated by an IMRA supporter and we sent by air freight.

PPE equipment as shown to Ghurkhi Hospital
17 boxes of PPE equipment transported from the warehouse in Manchester to Pakistan

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