Cochlear Implant Surgery


IMRA team of U.K. and Pakistan ENT Surgeons completed 6 cases of Cochlear Implant Surgery at Memon Medical Institute Hospital (MMIH) Karachi on Sunday 29 Dec and did 5 in Lahore recently. Dr Ausaf Khan(MMIH), Dr Sajjad Ahmed Audiologist(Canada), Sajid Yacoob Audiologist(Pak), Dr Noweed Ahmad(UK),Dr Haroon Khan(UK), Dr Shaukat Malik(Pak).

This extensive charitable work worth over $250,000 has been possible due to support from donors across UK,USA and Middle East as well as logistic support from MMIH and other well wishers across the globe.

IMRA would like to thank each and everyone who have been helping in this unique charitable pioneering cause of Free Cochlear Implant Surgery for the poor in Pakistan.

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