Donation of Ventilatory support machines to Pakistan to help patients with COVID-19

IMRA was involved in collecting, packaging, and keeping records of 160 BiPAP machines mainly used for COVID and other patients to help them breathe. IMRA also arranged their transportation from its offices in Manchester to freight company locally. They were then sent by Air to Ghurki Hospital Lahore who got them cleared through the Customs. These were all sent to Ghurki as they are reliable partners of IMRA. Ghurki is now sending them to Hospitals who need them. They have already been given to a Hospital in Skardu and Mayo Hospital in Lahore.

All these Ventilatory support machines have been collected from various hospitals in the U.K. with the efforts of Dr. Rana Hafeez Ur-Rehman and Dr. Nauman Chaudhry, both Consultant Anaesthetists in U.K. They collected all these machines under the umbrella of KEMCA and entrusted IMRA to send them to Pakistan as IMRA has been sending medical equipment to Pakistan for the last 12 years.


We are working in collaboration with IMRA, and we have been helping people in Pakistan both during COVID and before COVID for different charities and recently we have organized to deliver these ventilators and breathing assisting machines which will be going to Pakistan to help in different cities in public hospitals to help patients who are recovering or suffering with COVID and hopefully during the month of Ramadan Allah will bless us and reward us so that we can help the poor humanity.

Dr.Rana Hafeez Ur-Rehman

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